If you’re interested in us…we’re interested in you!

Volunteers are welcome to help in all parts of the process, from planning events to planting trees.

We’re a new group, dedicated to growing organically. We’re also still young and developing, so if you’ve got energy or skills that can help, your effort can go a long way towards shaping the future.

What can we do together?

• Uphold the right of all citizens to live in a treed neighbourhood
• Help create community orchards
• Manage Tree Care Hotline
• Provide fruit tree planting and pruning expertise
• Help schools plant and nuture teaching orchards
• Promote fruit trees in low income areas for food, shade, beauty
• Offer memorial and honour tree planting service
• Provide guidance on planting native tree/shrub species for wildlife habitat
• Research and explain best practices for local urban forestry enhancement
• Produce a tree-based map of the city
• Guide the natural restoration of abandoned/derelict/underused areas through trees
• Coordinate Tree Tours of the city for residents and visitors
• Bring neighbours together through tree-related events
• Promote media awareness of the benefits of the urban forest
• Coordinate private and public plantings to enhance ecosystems
• Counter the effects of climate change through carbon sequestration with trees
• Keep public funding for public trees on the public agenda
• Reintroduce Vancouver’s ‘Civic Arbor Day’ Celebration (1917 law)
• Train a new generation of urban forest stewards through K-12 program
• Research and adapt multicultural uses of public fruit trees
• Plant trees!
Contact us today to learn more and perhaps take the first step to something exciting.

As part of our TreeKeepers project we created the video How to Plant a Tree – TreeKeepers to help new owners get their trees off to a great start.

Going to a climate change march and need a spiffy poster to get your point across? We’ve got you covered!

Download and print this free poster (modelled after our  Tree City logo): all we are saying poster-b